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Riding the roller coaster

Riding the roller coaster

Postby seeker » Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:40 pm

Time is speeding up and so is the rate of clearing we must be doing of the residual trauma energy stuck in our cells. These is such a short time between issues coming up to be healed that I have finally recognized the pattern:

1. something very upsetting happens
2. it looks like there is no way to resolve it, or move through it, or get it out of my life
3. I open the spiritual tool box and start working my way through the issue with the various tools, all the time wishing I could just leave the planet
4. I am faced with taking a step into uncharted territory---that is, in order to heal this issue I must do something I have never done before, and it is usually scary because of past "injuries" sustained when attempting this. . . whether it is confronting someone, setting boundaries, revealing a truth previously hidden, etc.
5. I gather my gumption and take the step.
6. The issue resolves
7. I become more real, more relaxed, stronger, wiser and joyful once again.
8. I wonder what the big fuss was about!

How is it going for you? I'd love to hear from you on what challenges you are facing.

Love and light,
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