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January 13, 2009
Issue #42


Today’s newsletter puts the spotlight on expanding your consciousness to include the 5th dimension!

Jennifer GraingerWishing you much love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community


Becoming a 5th Dimensional Being

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Do you remember the Polaroid camera? You’d snap the picture and it would pop out from the slot in front. Slowly the image would develop right before your eyes. It was amazing!

I had an amazing experience like that in the last week of December, 2009. Not the “popping out of the front of a camera” experience! No, I mean of having an image come into clear focus right before my eyes.

You see, I have been on the spiritual growth journey since 1989 . . . learning, and learning . . .  then learning and teaching, and learning and teaching . . . and then . . . tah dah . . . in the last week of 2009 the picture came into full focus and I saw clearly, and in great detail, where I am going on my spiritual journey, and what I am to do along the way. Just like that!

(Drum roll!) I am becoming a 5th dimensional being and my purpose is to help others become 5th dimensional beings, too! Only if you want to become a 5th dimensional being, of course! (Twilight Zone music, please.)                                                  

Let me explain.

Until 1989 I was a 3rd dimensional being. My entire perspective of reality consisted only of what I could comprehend through my five senses. If I couldn’t see it, hear it, touch it, taste it or smell it . . . it didn’t exist. And I had the entire scientific community in agreement with me.

But then, I met my first spiritual teacher, Judy Reis, and my view of reality expanded to include the 4th dimension.

The 4th dimension is the reality of subtle energies that is beyond the capability of our five senses to detect. But we all know they exist because even science has developed the equipment to measure subtle energies that our five senses can’t detect. For example: electroencephalograms can measure the subtle energies emanating from the brain. Lab equipment can detect ultra-violet rays. And so on.

Well, I have spent the last twenty years wandering around the 4th dimensional reality gathering tools and skills to become competent at mastering 4th dimensional subtle energies. What I mean by mastering the 4th dimension is to live in alignment with the direction life is going . . . to live in the flow. When I am in the flow I am experiencing more Joy and less struggle in my daily life. And hey . . . who wouldn’t want that?!

In these past twenty years I’ve learned to sense my own energy. I’ve learned to sense the energy in my environment, and to trust what I was sensing, all of which has expanded my intuitional guidance system! I’ve expanded my consciousness to the degree that I am able to be a witness to my own life; to notice what I am thinking; to notice what I am feeling, so that I can take charge of those two powerfully creative elements of being human.

Here is what is exciting to me . . .

From the very beginning, my spirit guides have been telling me about the evolution humanity is going through. They told me that one of the evolutionary aspects we would experience is expanding our consciousness to transcend the logical, rational mind, which they called the lower mind

We aren’t abandoning the lower mind, we are evolving into the higher mind, which includes the lower mind. We are evolving beyond duality thinking (right/wrong, good/bad, black/white) into recognizing the oneness of life.

Now it all made sense to me!

Becoming a 5th dimensional being means that I have developed enough consciousness to incorporate the higher mind into my every day thinking. I am starting to live from that level of awareness! Woweeee!

So here it is only two weeks since I had this awakening, and already I have a “success story” of living from a 5th dimensional perspective.

Listen to this!

I’ve been on the edge of having a cold off and on for several months. Each time I’d feel the sniffles come on I’d scarff down every alternative medicine cold remedy I had on hand: Airborne, Echinacea, Vitamin C, zinc. I’d inhale steam from a cup of boiling water that had a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil in it, and so forth.

It worked every time. I never got a cold. However, take note, lest you get carried away . . . part of my success is based on the fact that, as a normal part of my attention to self-care, I always get plenty of rest. I live a relatively stress-free life. I have regular massages and chiropractic adjustments. My immune system is in tip-top shape.

Don’t for one second think you can ignore your physical well-being and then pop a few health store remedies and go on merrily neglecting yourself! No, no no! (I hope that doesn’t come across as too harsh! My intention is to encourage you to take good care of yourself!)

Anyway, I was rather dismayed a few days ago when I got the sniffles, applied all my remedies, went to bed at 6:30 p.m. to get plenty of rest and woke up in the morning with a genuine cold!

“I cannot have a cold,” I said to myself. (So here is where the 5th dimensional thing comes in.) I started working the energy of the symptoms. I sensed the “cold” energy in my head, and I “saw” the cold virus in my head. They were like dots of light throughout my brain. So in my imagination I began picking out each dot of light with some imaginary tweezers. Soon I realized this will take forever, so I called upon the healing angels and they came with vacuum cleaners and simply vacuumed the virus out of my head.

Wow! It worked. My head was clear. But . . . now I felt the virus energy from my sinuses to my throat. Hmm . . . what to do? “Well,” I thought, “heat kills viruses. But I don’t want a fever.” Then the thought came to mind that the color red is a “hot” color. I pondered what would be the best way to apply the color red. Paint it on? Mop up the virus with a red mop? No. Spray the virus with the color red . . . so that’s what I did (in my imagination, of course)!

I took two Tylenol and headed downtown to the Dancing Fox for lunch with my long time friends, Linda and Diann.

By the time lunch was over, my cold was gone.

Oh yeah. I forgot. One other thing I did was go two weeks into the future when the cold would have run its course and brought the energy of myself, who no longer had a cold, back into present time.

This may seem as amazing as a Polaroid picture developing right before your eyes, but, I am telling you, you ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to living as a 5th dimensional being!   

BOTTOM LINE: Something cosmically significant happened to me in the last few weeks of December, 2009. As I talk with my peers and my students, I am hearing about their “awakenings” too. We (humanity) have taken a HUGE evolutionary step into the new paradigm. Some of us are conscious of the shift, some are not. If my story energizes you, makes you curious or excited, please stay tuned. My “vision” is of a space ship on the launch pad. I am entering the space ship and welcoming “pioneering souls” for the trip to the 5th dimension. All aboard!

TIPS: Let your inner sense of excitement and Joy be your guide for your next step of spiritual growth. Go where your heart leads you, while retaining your ability to navigate 3rd dimensional reality with some sense of order.

P.S. I am playing around with how to describe myself beyond “Spiritual Growth Coach and Mentor.” I like “Travel Guide to the 5th Dimension.” I asked a few of my Spiritual Growth Community members what image that “title” conjured for them. “You’ll take us there and show us around,” was the response. Yes. I like that. I will take you there and show you around.

P.P.S. Bon Voyage!

What awakenings did you have at the end of 2009? What came into focus for you that gave you a sense of “Oh, now I get it!” Contact me with your comments. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter January 27th.

Love & Light,
Jennifer Grainger
Your Travel Guide to the 5th Dimension

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Feb  9 - Nutrition 101 - East and West (aka: A Tradition of Soups!), Teresa M. Chen, Ph.D.

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