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“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Lao Tzu (c.604 -531 B.C.)

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February 10, 2010
Issue #44


Today’s newsletter puts the spotlight on becoming a 5th dimensional being.

Jennifer GraingerWishing you much love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community


We Are Reaching Critical Mass

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We are reaching critical mass. Yep! That’s what’s happening. We are reaching critical mass in the expansion of consciousness that is fueling the evolution of humanity beyond 3rd dimensional reality. Here’s how I know. Spiritually pioneering men are showing up at the Spiritual Growth Community events and coming back for more!

These Pioneering Souls in male bodies are answering the call to consciously participate in the evolution of humanity by exploring the next level of reality, the 4th dimension—that realm of subtle energies that exists beyond the ability of the five senses to detect, and the rational mind to make sense of.

These curious, courageous men are willing to travel into unknown territory. They are willing to do the work to explore their inner world, to develop their intuition, to create spiritual practices that support spiritual growth.

The New Age movement of the 1960s was the beginning for ordinary people (that is, people who were not mystics living on a mountaintop) to expand their consciousness to include 4th dimensional reality. Granted the first foray into expanded consciousness was fueled by LSD, marijuana, “magic” mushrooms, and so on. Along came Transcendental Meditation™ and the “get high on life” movement helping people develop spiritual practices that produced extraordinary and blissful experiences without the damaging side effects of drugs.

I wondered why 99% of people attending spiritual growth classes and workshops were women. My spiritual mentor at the time, Judy Reis, explained that it was the energy of the Divine Feminine that was coming to the planet. It made sense that it would be necessary for women to wake up first.

Bummer! I thought at the time. Why do I have to do all the spiritual growth work in this marriage? My friend, Martina Dobesh, author of Call From The Heart, would tell me “the women just have to get on with their spiritual growth and someday the men will wake up and ask ‘where did all the women go?’”

Interestingly at about the same time women were exploring “new age” stuff they were also developing their masculine energies, joining the work force in areas previously dominated by men, demanding equal pay, and gaining financial independence. (Did you know that today 40% of American breadwinners are women?)

Now it is time for men (and women still stuck in the rational mind) to expand their consciousness to include the Divine Feminine so that we, as a species, can get on with evolving from Homo sapiens into becoming Universal Humans as Barbara Marx Hubbard calls it.

It was 1989 when I began my evolutionary journey. My consciousness was 100% rooted in my logical mind. I believed emotions were a sign of weakness, and I was quite skilled at keeping them outside of my conscious awareness. I certainly didn’t want to be seen as a “silly female.”

But here’s the thing. To become adept at the 4th dimensional level you must first learn to sense the subtle energies that are outside the awareness of the five senses, and that includes emotional energy. There is no way around it. Operating strictly from the rational mind is a “half-witted” attempt to explore the 4th dimension.

It can’t be done.

Mastering 4th dimensional reality — being able to sense and manage emotional energy — is the other half of the “navigational system” that allows us to eventually grow into 5th dimensional beings who integrate thought with feeling to powerfully co-create with the Universe.

As Daniel Goleman says in his book, Emotional Intelligence “A view of human nature that ignores the power of emotions is sadly shortsighted. The very name Homo sapiens, the thinking species, is misleading in light of the new appreciation and vision of the place of emotions in our lives that science now offers.”

Take NOTE Pioneering Men (and women rooted in left-brain consciousness): If you’ve read my book, Becoming Conscious: One Woman’s Story of Spiritual Awakening you know that the biggest, hardest, most challenging, God-awful, scary, upsetting, life-altering part of expanding my consciousness was coming to terms with emotions! When my emotions began to show up, it scared the living hell out of me! You will have nothing but compassion from me as I support you on your journey of becoming adept at releasing stuck emotional energy from your body and developing the emotional intelligence necessary to live as a 5th dimensional being.

BOTTOM LINE: There is no skipping the 4th dimension in learning to live 5th dimensionally any more than a child can skip the transition from teenager to young adult. Coming to terms with emotional energy is essential to becoming a 5th dimensional being where you surf the chaos™ of 3rd dimensional reality and easily navigate the flow™ of the Universe!

TIPS: Watch out for the “spiritual bypass.” When something upsetting happens, and you gloss over it by quoting a spiritual principle like there are no accidents or everything is for my highest good or I have no attachment to the outcome to make the emerging emotion go away, that is a spiritual bypass. The 4th dimensional work of clearing residual emotional energy that got stuck in your body during traumatic events is essential to becoming your 5th dimensional Self.

P.S. A big element of spiritual growth is developing skills and tools for managing emotional energy in ways that support your growth and does no damage to yourself or others.

Radical Forgiveness, EFT (emotional freedom technique), Matrix Energetics, working with Energy Practitioners are some of the fabulous avenues for developing emotional intelligence.

Where are you in your journey to becoming a 5th dimensional being? How skilled are you at operating in co-creation with the Universe while experiencing the day-to-day living in 3rd dimensional reality? I’d love to hear from you!

I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter February 24th.

Love & Light,
Jennifer Grainger
Your Travel Guide to the 5th Dimension

Jennifer Recommends

Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, New York Times science writer.

This is one of the best books on the nature and importance of other kinds of intelligence besides our overly esteemed logical, rational abilities. Goleman presents evidence that our emotions play a much greater role in thought, decision making and individual success than is commonly acknowledged. This book is an intriguing and practical guide to emotional mastery.

Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert, Ph.D. former scientist from the National Institute of Health

Dr. Pert is a neuroscientist whose pioneering research on how the chemicals inside our bodies form a dynamic information network explains in everyday language how our emotions are an integral part of our navigational system. She refers to the “bodymind” as a single unit rather than “the body mind connection” which infers two halves of a whole.

She documents how emotional energy gets stored in the body during traumatic events and gets activated when an experience resembling the original trauma occurs in present time.

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The Gathering for Pioneering Souls continues on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month. We have a channeling from my guide, Abraham, a guided meditation to access your Inner Wisdom and lively discussion of spiritual growth topics. Our focus is on mastering the 4th dimension of subtle energies as we grow into 5th dimensional beings who are conscious co-creators with the Universe. A 5th dimensional being has fully integrated the material world with the spiritual world and experiences Joyful, struggle-free living while operating successfully and abundantly in 3rd dimensional reality.

The Awakening Your Light Body class series begins April 10, 2010. The key to making the transition into living from a 5th dimensional perspective is to master operating beyond the material level where you have to work to create things, to manifesting things that you need as you need them by playing with the subtle energies that are beyond the ability of the five senses to detect. The Awakening Your Light Body class is a step-by-step process of learning to detect the subtle energies and learning to create from the unmanifest potential of the vast sea of energy in which we live.

This course is a doorway to the 4th dimension and a foundation for living as a 5th dimensional being. 

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