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“Nothing is as bad as it seems. Nothing.”

Neale Donald Walsch from the “I Believe God Wants You To Know” series

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June 23, 2010
Issue #51


Today’s newsletter puts the spotlight on taking charge of your life and going for what you want.

Jennifer GraingerWishing you much love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community


Don’t Be a Rat!

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I read about an experiment in which a group of lab rats were born into “rat hell”. They received random electric shocks. The food was unappetizing and the supply was unreliable. They were overcrowded, and room service was terrible. OK, just kidding. They didn’t have room service. Suffice it to say their living conditions were miserable.

When the rats matured they were transferred to a nearby environment which had been designed as “rat heaven”. Beautiful, peaceful environment, great food whenever they want it, comfortable temperature, soft music, fine wine, Cuban cigars (OK not the wine and cigars, I am just painting a picture here).

Would you be surprised to learn, that given the choice, the rats chose to return to rat hell?

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 I’ll “see” you in our next newsletter July 14th. 

Love & Light,
Jennifer Grainger
Your Travel Guide to the 5th Dimension

Jennifer Recommends

The Ascent of Humanity: The Age of Separation, the Age of Reunion, and the Convergence of Crises that is birthing the transition by Charles Eisenstein

This book chronicles the path of evolution (so far). Eisenstein lays out how our belief that we are separate from nature led us to attempt to dominate nature, which has created our current crises. He calls for a radical awakening to the need to redefine the path of our evolutionary journey.

Special Event

Introduction to Community Living. This Sunday, June 27th from 3 to 5 pm at my home in Lodi, CA. I will share what I have learned so far about community living as a way of conserving resources, sharing chores of day-to-day living, creating right livelihood for community members so each one is contributing to the community, doing what they love, and no longer having to work at a job just to make money to survive, and having more FUN! on a daily basis.

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About Jennifer

I am a Pioneering Soul who “woke up” in 1989 to the reality that exists beyond the ability of the five senses to detect, and the rational mind to comprehend. I was “told” that humanity is in the midst of a huge evolutionary leap and that my purpose was to expand my consciousness as far and as fast as I could in this lifetime and show others how to do the same.

At the end of 2009 I was given a vision of what is possible for humanity right now — to grow out of 3rd dimensional reality (the realm of the five senses) much as a teenager grows out of childhood and into young adulthood. The “teenage” years of spiritual growth are about developing mastery of 4th dimensional reality (the realm of emotions) by learning to sense the subtle energies within the physical body, and the subtle energies that are the very fabric of the Universe we inhabit.

It became clear that once we have mastered 4th dimensional reality, we are ready to become 5th dimensional beings who have fully integrated thought with feeling, and the material with the spiritual. We will have become what Barbara Marx Hubbard calls Universal Humans — knowing who we are, why we are here and living harmoniously with each other in Joy and without struggle.

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