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October 26, 2011
Issue #71


Today’s newsletter puts the spotlight on how to shift from compromise and sacrifice to win-win for all parties!

Jennifer GraingerJoyfully,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community

Who Said Compromise and Sacrifice Are Necessary?

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Without exception, whenever I suggest that compromise and sacrifice are not only NOT necessary to create and sustain great relationships, but actually are detrimental to having fabulous relationships, I meet with intractable resistance to the very notion!

Does this idea bring up a “you gotta be kidding!” resistance in your mind, too?

This false belief in the necessity of compromise and sacrifice is so deep in our culture that I don’t think I have ever convinced anyone that a true “win-win” is even possible, though Lord knows, I have tried!

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Jennifer Grainger
Life SculptorSM
Carving away what’s not working. Soulfully re-shaping what remains.


About Jennifer

I was trained to be an obedient, compliant girl whose life path was established long before I was born. I was programmed to get married, have children and be a “good woman” who served selflessly and without complaint.

I would learn that suffering was noble, that martyrs were saints, and every person “had their cross to bear.”

Hmm . . . no wonder I was a melancholy child and a chronically unhappy adult! The funny thing is when the fairytale rewards I was told I could expect for following the rules didn’t turn out as advertised, I assumed it was my fault! Harrumph!

What I have come to realize is that I, just like everyone else, was born with a purpose and a mission to fulfill. Apparently mine was to be part of the shift out of the patriarchal paradigm and help midwife the new paradigm that honors and makes room for the Divine Feminine.

I didn’t know that, of course. Even after I “woke up” in 1989 to find out there really is a greater reality that exists beyond the ability of the five senses to detect, and the rational mind to comprehend, it took another 20 years for me to really “get it” that I was born in an environment in which I’d have to work my way out the quicksand of false beliefs and thousands of years of oppression of women; to shed the woman I was trained to be, to become the woman I was born to be, so I could teach other women how to do that, too.

It is not easy to grow past the deeply ingrained programming we women have received, and bought into, in order to be safe and taken care of in a world in which our own gifts and talents were denied the space to bloom and blossom.

Thankfully, a new day has dawned!

It is my greatest joy to teach women how to discover what is not working for them, and how to take charge of their lives and claim their birthright to a joyful, fulfilling life.

I call myself a Life Sculptor because I gently carve away the “good girl” you were trained to be, to reveal the woman you were born to be, and show you how to sculpt the life your heart and soul are yearning for!

What’s your story?. Send me an email, jennifer@jennifergrainger.com, or give me a call 209-369-6188. I’d love to hear from YOU!



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