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More Joy Less Struggle Yeah!

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Volume 2, Issue 1
January 8, 2008


Today’s newsletter announces the Grand Opening of

If you have been enjoying these educational, inspirational and illuminating newsletters, be sure to sign up for your fr^ee trial membership to see what else the community has to offer.

Please Note: Beginning with the next issue on January 14th, this newsletter will be for Spiritual Growth Community members only!

Jennifer GraingerWishing you much love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community


Tah Dah!

After more than a year of planning and preparation we finally launched ! Thank you everyone for your support and appreciation.

It has been more work than I could have possibly imagined, and required surmounting obstacles that sometimes seemed impossible to conquer. The gap between vision and successful implementation, at times, seemed too great to close.

But . . . when the moment came to launch, it was as easy and effortless as a walk in the park on a warm and sunny day. For that I am immensely grateful!

And now, it is so much fun. If you can imagine what it would be like to have built a house from scratch, and the day comes when it is complete, and you get to move in and start hanging curtains, arranging the furniture, putting things away . . . in general, making the house your home . . . well that is how I feel right now!

I am very thankful that we experienced very few glitches with our launch. Thanks to the expertise and attention lavished on this venture by my assistant, Angee Robertson, we are off to a wonderful start.

If you haven’t signed up for the free trial membership yet, and are wondering what’s in store in for members in the coming months, you can check it out at Click on Membership Benefits. The descriptions of the teleclasses, and speakers, have a link to preview what is coming up. The descriptions of the articles and meditations list the titles already in the archives. Click on the links to preview what articles and meditations you can expect in coming months.

By the way, I have chosen the date for the Spring Retreat - Saturday, May 16th. It will be a day of retreat, renewal and just plain fun.

If you missed out on our first telesession last night, titled  The Path to More Joy and Less Struggle  - PART I - Understanding the Process, here’s a link to listen to it and decide for yourself if the Spiritual Growth Community is what you need to provide you with the Information, Inspiration, and Education that will lend the support you need in becoming your Authentic Self so that you are living your life On Purpose with more Joy and less struggle!

BOTTOM LINE: This newsletter will continue to be published the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month and will be for members only from now on.

TIP: Go to and click on F^ree Trial to check us out.

P.S. Remember, when you register for your f^ree trial membership you will receive the Sitting in the Stillness guided meditation mp3 as a BONUS.

P.P.S. And speaking of bonuses, I have planned a bonus teleclass on the 4th Thursday of the month for the next few months.

This month’s bonus class is Radical Forgiveness - A Powerful Tool to Change a Negative Dynamic in any Relationship in 10 minutes or Less!

Description: Based on the book, Radical Forgiveness, by Colin Tipping, this class is an exploration of the concepts of radical forgiveness, along with the simple, easy-to-use tool of the Radical Forgiveness worksheet. The worksheet helps you let go of the emotional baggage of the past, and to feel the joy of living in total surrender to the process of life as it unfolds - however it unfolds. The result is vastly increased happiness, personal power and freedom.

Community Member’s Aha! Moments

Jennifer Grainger NewsletterDo you have an Aha! Moment you’d like to share? Any comments related to your journey of spiritual awakening are welcome. 

I want to hear from you! Tell me about your latest Aha! moment. 

Jennifer Grainger


Georgia DowYou won’t want to miss our next Guest Speaker TeleSession on Monday, January 12, 7 to 8 pm Pacific Time.

“How To Go With The Flow When You Encounter The Rapids In The River Of Your Life”

I am thrilled to announce that Georgia Dow has agreed to an encore as a guest speaker. I call Georgia the Encyclopedia of Spirituality. Pick any spiritual topic, concept, or principle and Georgia will shine the light in a way you haven’t seen before. Her compassionate heart and wealth of  knowledge makes this a “don’t miss” event.

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