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"All that appears in your life is a blessing, presenting you with a greater opportunity to define who you are, and to know yourself as that."

Neale Donald Walsch: Friendship with God: An Uncommon Dialogue,
Page: 191

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Volume 2, Issue 6
March 25, 2008


Today’s newsletter puts the spotlight on taking care of your needs whether you think you should have them or not!

Jennifer GraingerWishing you much love and light,

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.
Founder: Spiritual Growth Community


Surfing the Chaos and Navigating the Flow

“I feel so confused,” said Mary Ellen (not her real name). “I don’t know who I am anymore. My emotions seem to be all over the place. One minute I am fine and the next I am feeling so out of sorts I want to scream! One minute I think my husband is the greatest guy in the world and the next minute I can’t stand being around him. I feel like I am losing my mind!”

“Yes,” I said. “The energies are so chaotic nothing seems stable. I know it is really hard, but all you can do is hold on and keep re-connecting with your Source and ask for guidance. You know how at the paint store they put the paint can in the shaker machine? That’s how I have been feeling too.”

“Really?” said Mary Ellen, looking a bit relieved to know she is not alone. “What’s going on?” 

“You know that humanity is in an evolutionary transition. It has been going on since the 60s. I don’t know how long it will take to come out the other side. It could be a few more years. It could be decades. All we can do is stay with the process and not resist it,” I reminded her.

“Think about childbirth,” I said. “The closer to the actual birth, the stronger and more frequent the contractions. We just need to keep breathing and remembering that all is as it should be. Whatever obstacles or challenges we are facing, there is help to get through it if we just remember to ask,” I said.

“But I feel like I am going crazy!” said Mary Ellen, “and I can’t talk to anybody about it. My family already thinks I am Looney Tunes.”

I couldn’t help but smile remembering my own “going crazy” feelings on my spiritual quest. And it does seem crazy to someone who requires that everything make sense.

“Just because emotions aren’t logical, doesn’t mean they aren’t valid and valuable. Mary Ellen, this is the time to trust yourself. To stay very focused on what you are feeling, sensing, and thinking. Stay in the present moment and do what feels right in the moment. Let go of how you 'should' feel, or how you 'should' think, or whether you 'should' feel tired. Take care of your needs as they show up without judging whether you 'should' have that particular need,” I said.

“The best advice I can give you is to get as much sleep as you need. Your body needs to assimilate and integrate the cellular changes that are happening due to the change in the earth’s magnetic frequency. Meditate twice a day, even if only for 5 minutes. Stay focused on what you can do to create balance, rather than try to figure out what is happening. Acknowledge how you are feeling and then look for ways to care for yourself. The more balanced and harmonized you are, the better it is for the people around you.”

“Thanks,” said Mary Ellen. "I am feeling calmer already. I think I’ll go take a nap,” she chuckled.

BOTTOM LINE: Between the down pouring of celestial energy and the earth’s changes in its magnetic frequency, the human body is being forced to recalibrate. Everyone is feeling it at some level. Those who are unconscious may feel it is the actions of people outside themselves that is the source of their distress. Be very conscious and aware when you are out in the general public. Give a wide berth to potentially volatile people and situations.

TIP: Your body is recalibrating as best it can. Give it the support it needs by drinking plenty of water, avoiding sugar and getting lots and lots of sleep.

P.S. Remember that the divine power within you is greater than any circumstance you find yourself in.

Community Member’s Aha! Moments

Jennifer Grainger NewsletterDo you have an Aha! Moment you’d like to share? How have you been weathering the storm of chaos? What skills and tools work best for you to bring you back to center?

I want to hear from you! Tell me about your latest Aha! moment. 

Jennifer Grainger


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