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My Spiritual Growth (Consciousness Expansion) Story

 Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc. (Bachelor of Metaphysical Science). Founder of the Spiritual Growth CommunityHi, I am Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc. (that’s Bachelor of Metaphysical Science).

  • I teach, mentor, and coach seekers on their path of personal and spiritual development.

  • I am a guide and a resource, not a missionary or guru.

  • I have no dogma or doctrine, because for me, spiritual growth has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with expanding your consciousness to realize the multi-dimensionality of your true self.

  • I have been a diligent student of expanding my consciousness since 1989.

My journey into awakening . . .

was pretty turbulent (as in tsunami from hell!) OK, I may be exaggerating just a little. But really sometimes it did feel like hell. In the beginning of my journey (ohmigosh, that was over 20 years ago) I didn’t know I was co-creating the circumstances of my life for my highest good. Because I didn’t know that, I was always looking for ways to get away from the experience instead of focusing on the nuggets of wisdom so readily available. Fortunately, I eventually became conscious enough to see the truth. Life has been much better ever since!

My passion is . . .

sharing my journey with others on their quest for "enlightenment" so they won’t be as alone as I was. Oh how I had wished for a community of like-hearted people to share with during those times when I thought for sure I was going crazy! I got through those times by assuring myself that crazy people don’t think they are crazy. That meant that if I was worried that I was going crazy, the fact that I thought I might be going crazy was a sure sign that I was not! (There may have been a few of my family and friends who would have begged to differ!)

So . . . back to how I got started . . .

In 1989 I was in the computer business with my then husband, Dave. I was so left-brained and unconscious I could have qualified for the Densa Society. My focus was on having a happy marriage and making our business profitable so we could pay our bills. I thought that all my problems would be solved if only I could communicate with my husband, and we had more money.

And then a spiritual teacher came into my life. (I didn’t know that was what she was when we met.) She introduced me to the idea that life is intended to be joyful and struggle-free. She said that science had it all wrong . . . there is a reality beyond the capacity of our five senses to comprehend. Of course, science has pretty much caught up today, but back then it was radical. She seemed to be able to sense this reality made up of subtle energies, which intrigued me no end.

Despite my significant doubts and skepticism, I was still intrigued. She persuaded me to join the “seed group” to learn about a rather obscure process called Awakening Your Light Body. I attended the first two weekends, decided it was new age hocus-pocus, and dropped out.

Over the next few years . . .

my path would occasionally cross with the spiritual teacher. Again I would be intrigued and take another little step forward until I finally completed the Awakening Your Light Body process (being doubtful and skeptical all the way!).

In 1991 I sold my part of the business (related to computerized accounting) and seriously began my spiritual growth journey. Following my heart, learning to “go with the flow,” and developing skill at harmonizing with subtle energies took me down many divergent paths. If you have ever seen a map showing the Lewis and Clark expedition, you will have an idea of how many twists and turns I encountered in my spiritual awakening.

It was hard.

Nobody I knew had any interest in spiritual growth. There were no local classes or workshops. My spiritual teacher had moved across the country. Although I was fascinated by her, I found her to be so “far out” that most of the time I didn’t know what to believe.

And what was I supposed to do with my husband while I was making all these internal changes? I am very grateful that he willingly supported me financially while I withdrew from our business. I spent my days reading, meditating, journaling, and listening to spiritual growth courses. But the more I developed spiritually, the more I wanted him to not only “allow” me to go on this internal journey, but to join me as well. That was when the discord started.

Now I know better. Each person has their own timetable for spiritual awakening. Yet, as I began to understand the power of thought, intention and focus of attention, my values completely changed. His didn’t. While I was striving to overcome blame, judgment, fear and worry, he defended the “rightness” of blame, judgment, fear and worry, labeling me a “Pollyanna” who didn’t understand the “real world.”

Eventually there was nothing left but our love for each other. It was not enough to overcome the lack of any shared values beyond the enjoyment of fine wine, dining, and live theatre.

We sent 150 announcements to our family and friends announcing the “successful completion of our soul contract,” telling them that we were re-shaping our relationship and going our separate ways. We never used the term “going through a divorce” because it conjures up images that were not representative of how we were making our changes.

During the five months between the time we decided to go our separate ways and the actual day he moved on, we cherished the love we felt for each other and ignored the areas of conflict that led to the decision to part. He has since remarried, and I continue unhampered on my path of spiritual growth, which I now see is really nothing more than expanding consciousness.

Fourteen years had passed . . .

from the time I started my spiritual awakening quest before I finally “got it” that my outer life is a reflection of the state of my consciousness. And that spiritual growth means to be continually expanding my consciousness in order to know who I am beyond my ego. And that spiritual growth means developing enough awareness to know what I am thinking, what my intentions and motivations are. And to know (not just believe) that every single thing that happens in my life is for my highest good. And that I am a co-creator of every situation I find myself in.

In other words, my spiritual growth was about transcending victim mentality and taking responsibility for my life, while developing a strong, dependable connection to the Source of my well-being . . . The All-That-Is, the Universe, Divine Intelligence, God . . . whatever you want to call it.

My daily spiritual practice . . .

begins each day with making conscious connection with my Source, imagining my day and asking for guidance. After the usual exercise routine, shower, teeth brushing, breakfast, etc. I spend a few moments in my meditation chair asking for guidance on what to do next.

All through the day, as I complete a task, I return to “the chair” and ask “what next?” I am not thinking about what I “should” do, although I am very aware of schedules and deadlines. I just include them in my awareness when I am asking “what next?”

Whenever I find myself struggling to figure something out, I stop, go to my chair, ask “what needs to happen here?” The answer comes . . . no struggle. Yeah!

When I am not teaching, mentoring and coaching . . .

I like to bicycle ride, especially when the destination is someplace to eat! The longest bike ride I have taken is 32 miles. I am an avid reader, mostly non-fiction, although I have been known to do a “junk book” marathon on occasion, reading 3 novels in a weekend.

I love writing as much as reading. My book, Becoming Conscious: One Woman’s Story of Spiritual Awakening took 8 years to write and 2 more years to rewrite with the help of a writer’s group.

I have been singing karaoke off and on for about 3 years. In that time I have advanced from horrible to tolerable from a listener’s perspective. I love singing and no longer get nervous on the karaoke stage. I have a long way to go before I am truly entertaining, but until then I am having fun with the adventure.

I haven’t watched television since May, 2002. I get a movie a week, usually a romantic comedy. One of my favorites was When Harry Met Sally.

I also watch college courses, mostly history, when I do my morning exercise routine of Nordic Track, weights and stretching. Exploring Roman and Greek history is how I found out that a lot of “new age” ideas are as old as Socrates. One of my current favorite courses is The History of the English Language. I’ll bet you didn’t know that the original meaning of the word “silly” was blessed (pronounced as a two syllable word) as in a person whose portrait might have included a halo around his or her head.

To stay up to speed with the technology in this too-much-information age, I take several educational teleclasses a month.

So that’s my story. What’s yours? Where are you on your spiritual development journey?

I hope to meet you soon.

Jennifer Grainger
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