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Becoming Conscious: One Woman=s Story of Spiritual Awakening@, Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.

Jennifer is the author of: Becoming Conscious: One Woman's Story Of Spiritual Awakening, available directly
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Consciousness Coaching 
with Jennifer T. Grainger, B.Msc.


Do you sometimes feel anxious about how your future is going to unfold?

Is the crumbling of the outer world negatively impacting your peace of mind?

Are you stumped by trying to figure out how to free yourself from the things you don't want in your life?

Imagine how different your life would be if you had absolute confidence in your own ability to know what to do in every moment, and were able to take the action your heart and soul are crying for without feeling guilty or selfish.

Life would ge a piece of cake, right? Because you'd absolutely trust your own inner guidance above all else, and you'd feel good about the choices you were making, wouldn't you?

Of course you would!

And this power is closer than you think when you work with a guide who knows the way.

Unless you were raised by care-givers who had a fully functioning sixth sense, they likely trained you as they were trained . . . that what you "saw" and what you "heard" was "only your imagination."

In that environment the "smartest" thing to do was shut down your connection to your own inner guidance, your sixth sense, your natural knowingness, so you could fit in, feel safe and secure, and be loved.

While that was the smartest thing to do as a helpless child, now that you are a grown woman the smartest thing you can do is whatever it takes to re-ignite your sixth sense and develop it to it's fully functioning capacity.

Imagine being fully and completely trusting in your own natural knowingness!

Imagine having access to all the information available to you that includes your rational mind, but is not dominated by it.

Of course you'd still have obstacles and challenges because that is what causes us to grow. The difference is how you'd experience the obstacles and challenges. Not helplessly as a victim, but as a powerful co-creator in a friendly universe.

Imagine the peace of mind and sense of well-being you'd have knowing that no matter what happens you'd always know what to do in that very moment. Not the next moment, mind you, but in the ever present NOW moment.

And that is where Consciousness Coaching comes in.

You can . . .

  • ignite and develop your natural knowingness, your sixth sense.

  • break free of the quicksand of limiting and false beliefs that create feelings of fear, doubt and uncertainty.

  •  learn to "surf the chaos and navigate the flow (sm)" of your everyday life no matter how unstable the outer world is.

  •  root out the subconscious limiting beliefs hidden in the recesses of your subconscious mind that create the repeating patterns of the same ol', same ol'!

Consciousness Coaching is a powerful alliance between you and your coach to break free of the illusion that you are at the effect of whatever happens to show up in your life.

It is a supportive process to re-ignite and develop your sixth sense, your natural knowingness, to restore you to the limitless, magnificent being you were born to be.

Consciousness coaching is uncomplicated, and elegantly effective! As your coach I ask penetrating questions to direct your focus deep inside where all your answers reside.

Consciousness coaching is all about "light bulb" moments!

Once you have seen a hidden, limiting belief that has been sabotaging your heart's desires and soul's purpose, it is "curtains" for that belief. Your conscious awareness will have expanded and you will no longer be run by that negative program.

Each leap forward integrates more of who you truly are, the you that you were born to be, into your everyday personality self. The more you are living freely from the inside out, the more Joy and less struggle you experience in your daily life.

What clients are saying . . .

Jennifer Grainger is a fantastic personal coach as well as an inspirational teacher. I met Jennifer about 3 years ago, but just about a year ago I found her to be the right mix of spiritual mentor with a “normal” touch to life. Jennifer gives me tools to help myself when “life” happens. If you are interested in learning to expand your consciousness to help you deal with life in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, Jennifer is for you.                     

Ginny DeasonGinny Deason
Office Manager
Lodi, CA

What Does Consciousness Coaching Do For You?

Whatever you have been looking for . . . maybe it has been that ideal relationship you have been longing for . . . maybe it is the thriving business you have been visioning . . . maybe it has been your dream house, or your dream vacation, that would allow you to live in peace and quiet . . . perhaps you have been able to clearly see your vision, but haven't been able to experience it . . . consciousness coaching awakens your internal navigation system and teaches you how to trust and follow it.

Consciousness coaching facilitates positive change from the inside out!

The effectiveness of consciousness coaching is based on the ongoing, regular, and consistent focus on your goal of developing your natural knowingness so that you have more Joy and less struggle in your everyday life.

In today's busy, uncertain, and rapidly changing world it is a daily challenge to keep your own growth needs as a top priority. . . especially in a culture that criticizes you as “selfish” when you decide to honor your own growth and development.

By the way, coaching is a potent antidote to guilt, fear, procrastination, doubt, and confusion!

This powerfully transformative process is done on the telephone, which is highly effective, as well as an efficient use of your time. Sessions are 30 - 45 minutes.

The greatest gift you can give to your family, friends, yourself, and the world is a fully actualized You . . . a You that has a life that works . . . a You that is living a joyful, effortless life . . . a You that is radiating well-being.

What clients are saying . . .

Dear Jennifer,

I so appreciate your support. Your coaching skill allows me to see things from an entirely different perspective, allowing me to focus on the positive and move towards what I want in my life. I could not have gotten through the last couple of months without your support.

Lots of Love,

Leah SilvestreLeah Silvestre, MBA
CEO Shooting Star Consulting Services

Is Consciousness Coaching For You?

Request your free 20 minute Introductory coaching session now.

Topic or issue you'd like coaching on:

Here is what consciousness coaching will do for you . .  .

  • Ignite and develop your innate sixth sense, your natural knowingness, to its fully functioning capacity, one step at a time.

  • Increase your self-trust in your ability to know what is right for you.

  • Identify recurring patterns that are creating what you DON'T want.

  • Expose limiting beliefs that generate those recurring patterns.

  • Support you as you modify or eliminate these limiting beliefs.

  • Help you create an equal partnership between your heart and your head so that you have access to all your sources of wisdom, including the knowingness that is beyond the capacity of the rational mind to comprehend and integrate.

  • Shift from being outer-directed, that is trying to figure things out, and being influenced (or feeling pressured by) others opinions, to being inner-directed, completely trusting your own internal wisdom that is innately aware of the wisdom of the Universe and signals you with a whole-body alignment that lets you know you are flowing in the direction that allows for the unfolding of your life, rather than struggling against the flow.

Together we will:

  1. Identify negative recurring patterns.

  2. Expose unconscious limiting beliefs that drive the patterns.

  3. Modify or eliminate the limiting beliefs.

  4. Develop new thoughts and behaviors that will generate new results.

  5. Get crystal clear on who is the authority in your life (and if it is not YOU, strategize a plan to put you in charge of your life!)

  6. Ignite and awaken your sixth sense, which is your navigation tool in an uncertain world.

  7. Provide support as you learn to hear and trust your own inner wisdom.

In the end, this is an evolutionary process of expanding your awareness and building your consciousness. As you evolve beyond the limits of your lower mind that relies on what your five senses can detect and your rational mind can understand, you will be building the struture of your higher mind that incorporates your fully functioning sixth sense into your already highly developed rational mind, and your very familiar five senses. 

What Investment Will I Make for Consciousness Coaching?

This six month coaching package is designed to bring to your conscious awareness the hidden beliefs that are fueling debilitating repeating patterns that follow you wherever you go.

A foundational aspect of this package is to bring to light the places where you are giving your power away to someone or something that keeps you from taking charge and creating the life of your dreams.

You will have six solid months of focused attention on rooting out the limiting beliefs and hidden pockets of doubt about your ability to take charge of your life, while igniting and developing your sixth sense.

You will be encouraged to make friends with your imagination, which not only houses your creativity, but is also a reliable sensing device.

You will have three telephone sessions per month and email communication in between calls as on-going support while you develop your own inner guidance system powered by your natural knowingness (sixth sense) and integrate trust in its ability as a reliable guide in your life.

$325 per month  


  • Bonus #1 Receive a free copy of my book, Becoming Conscious: One Woman’s Journey into Spiritual Awakening

  • Bonus#2  Receive a free copy of my Sitting in the Stillness guided meditation CD

  • Bonus #3 You have the option of having your sessions recorded in mp3 format. This is like having an audio journal of your spiritual growth.


Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will see immediate results right from the beginning that I offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results you achieve within your first two sessions, you may cancel your Consciousness Coaching Package and receive a full refund. You may cancel for any reason, or no reason at all.

The Introductory coaching session is completely free. You have nothing to lose so click here to request your free 20 minute coaching session. You'll be glad you did.

Topic or issue you'd like coaching on:

Jennifer Grainger
Jennifer T. Grainger
, B.Msc.
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