Jennifer is the author of: Becoming Conscious: One Woman's Story Of Spiritual Awakening, available directly
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"Jennifer Grainger is the most amazing and fearless "light worker"! I have been fortunate to have known her from the beginning of her conscious journey to her present day status, which, by the way is amazing!  Her knowledge, insight and wisdom are gifts which she generously shares with her students, clients and friends.  I continually grow by her words of wisdom, her loving heart and her life style which by the way is most definitely authentic.  Whatever your question or situation is....Jennifer can HELP!  She has helped me in more ways than one...

and continues to do so...She is a Pioneering Leader of Light, love and laughter."

With much gratitude,
Patrice Noli
Stockton, CA


"Hi Jennifer,

I printed out the 7 Steps eBooklet and have read it three times! Wow! It has a lot of things in it that I NEEDED to hear.

I have been looking A LOT for something spiritually guiding, and your website was the first one I have come across that ‘clicked’ with me. I read your story, and feel like I can really relate. I am personally going through an interesting time in my life . . . a transition . . . or an awakening of sorts.

It’s nice to know others have experienced or are experiencing something similar. Almost all the people in my life don’t seem to understand and, believe I am talking nonsense, while I’m feeling like I’m getting closer to the ‘truth’ and who I am deep down.

Thank you for the work you do."

Stephanie Mead
Essex Junction, VT


"The Grounding and Centering meditation you did last week (August 27, 2009) was so good. It was powerful and did a lot of good for me! Your guide (Abraham) directed the meditation to be just exactly what I needed.

I always enjoy how you end our classes with the most perfect meditation. I am downloading this one to listen to again any time I feel off balance.

Thank you so much!"

Tonja Stanton
Realtor (Grupe Real Estate)
Stockton, CA
Tonja Stanton





"Hi Jennifer,

I just want to tell you that I really like our spiritual growth community. I know I am kind of quiet on the teleclasses, so I wanted to let you know how helpful it has been to listen to questions and comments from such a diverse group of people who are all interested in growing spiritually.

It is amazing how much I have in common with all of them. Despite our diversity, our spiritual growth challenges are so similar. It is really comforting to know I am not alone in my spiritual growth journey.

I am noticing that whatever the teleclass topic is, during the next few days after the class inspiration and guidance around the topic just seem to effortlessly come to me. And then “coincidences” seem to happen to effortlessly move me forward on my spiritual path. I am grateful.

I am glad you are still having your in-person once a month spiritual gatherings. It is a wonderfully peaceful experience, and although I really enjoy the guided meditations you have available on line for download, I really do enjoy the added power of the group when we meet in person.

Again, thank you so much for your perseverance in moving through the obstacles and challenges to make this Spiritual Growth Community a reality."

Linda Judson
Lodi, CA
Linda Judson





"Dear Jennifer,

Thanks for having me as a guest speaker on your Spiritual Growth Community. I look forward to joining you and your community again sometime.

I am so delighted that you have created this venue for people dedicated to their spiritual growth. It is so important during this time of great change, and all the chaos change brings, that you have provided a spiritual oasis for people to gain and sustain stability during these very unstable times.

Thanks for answering the 'call' and tackling the technological challenges that it took to make this happen."

Georgia Dow
Integrated Spiritual Counseling

Linda Judson





"Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for creating this community. I love communicating with people who are on similar paths in different directions, but all with the same goal of gaining authenticity and discovering their passion.

Being able to 'tune in' to the community on a regular basis rejuvenates my soul and makes it easier to interact with people who are not yet interested in their spirituality.

Thank you!"

Leslie Avery
Wife, Mother, Home School Teacher
Aptos, CA
Leslie Avery, Spiritual Growth Community Member





"I am so excited about your Spiritual Growth Community website! I have gained so much over the 10 years I have experienced your spiritual work. I look forward to the opportunities that your website is offering.

I appreciate you for putting it all together, it has been needed in our community for such a long time."

Solara Gardner
CMT, Energy Therapist
Nancy Gardner, Spiritual Growth Community Member





"I've been working with Jennifer Grainger for many years now. Jennifer's spiritual growth meditation classes have always given me a beacon of light to come home to during the storms of life. The energy of the class takes my soul connection to higher places every time. It's like floating in heaven. Jennifer creates a safe environment to relax and connect with others on the spiritual quest for joy and enlightenment.

The week after a class is always so much lighter and the sense of peace I receive from the meditations allows me to handle everything from a higher perspective.

All I can say, is I wish Jennifer could bottle this great feeling and pour it into the water for everyone. Alas, she cannot, so I encourage everyone to participate in these truly awesome, perfect moments with Jennifer Grainger."

Suzie Bowers
Soul Discovery Coach Hypnotherapist
Suzie Bowers




"What a day! I can't even put into words what a great experience it was attending the Spring Retreat! It was amazing and I came away a new person! What a lovely group of women and the energy was such that I have never felt before in a group of females that size. So much love and light. Oh, and you were wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your gift and love. I look forward to seeing you again soon."

Cindy Lundquist
Stockton, CA
Cindy Lundquist





Jennifer Grainger is a fantastic personal coach as well as spiritual guide. I met Jennifer about 3 years ago, but just about a year ago I found her to be the right mix of spiritual mentor with a “normal” touch to life. Jennifer gives me tools to help myself when “life” happens. If you are interested in learning about the spiritual side of yourself and dealing with life in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, Jennifer is for you.   

Ginny Deason
Office Manager
Lodi, CA
Ginny Deason




"Taking Jennifer Grainger’s classes gives me the opportunity to learn more about spirituality on my own terms. Before taking these classes I did not think I would ever find someone willing to teach spirituality with more of a coaching approach. What I mean by that is she encourages each person to follow their own path. She is open and inclusive; it never feels like Jennifer is going to be done learning and this is a teaching style I value and enjoy."

Ann Ramirez
Life and Business Coach
Sacramento, CA


"My experiences with Jennifer's retreats are uplifting and enjoyable. They bring me an inner peace and calm. I look forward to them and the connection with a spiritual unity. Jennifer has a gift of channeling information that comes from the outer realms. Her meditations help one to center and be balanced."

Penny Anderson
Social Worker
Stockton, CA